Pre-Operative Instructions for IV Anesthesia

**IF prescribed pre-operative antibiotics please take 2 hours prior to surgery with a small amount of water**


  1. DO NOT EAT ANYTHING FOR AT LEAST 6 HOURS BEFORE SURGERY. You may drink WATER ONLY, up until 2  hours before your surgery time.
  2. Please be accompanied by a responsible adult who will be prepared to drive you home and care for you the day of the surgery. YOUR RIDE/DRIVER MUST REMAIN IN THE RECEPTION AREA DURING YOUR SURGERY. 
  3. Wear loose comfortable clothing with short sleeves.
  4. Oral hygiene is essential for proper healing. You may brush your teeth, rinse prior to surgery.
  5. Please bring the balance of your surgical fee the day of the surgery.
  6. If you have been prescribed any medications by your regular physician(s), you may take them the day of surgery with water– UNLESS ADVISED OTHERWISE BY YOUR ORAL SURGEON.
  7. The day prior to surgery start a regimen of OTC ibuprofen 600 mg (3 tablets Advil ™, Motrin ™) every 6 hours. For patients prone to stomach irritation with NSAIDS please find an enteric coated version to minimize these adverse effects.
  8. REMINDER FOR DIABETIC PATIENTS-Due to the fasting requirements for IV Anesthesia, this may cause your blood sugar levels to be low.  You will receive a small amount of sugar in the IV solution we administer.  We suggest that you schedule your surgery appointment in the morning AND you HOLD your diabetic medications the day of your surgery.  In addition, please bring ALL of your diabetic medications and your testing kit with you to the office

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